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National Food Safety standard General Standard for the labeling of prepackaged foods

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  • National Food Safety standard General Standard for the labeling of prepackaged foods
  • GB 7718-2011 食品安全国家标准 预包装食品标签通则
  • Issuance Date:20 Apr 2011
  • Implementation Date :20 Apr 2012
  • Translated by:Foodmate
  • Language:English
  • Format:PDF/DOC/DOCX
  • Pages:13
  • Price:$358

This national standard replaces GB 7718-2004 General Standard for the labeling of prepackaged foods.

In comparison with GB 7718-2004, the major changes of this standard are as follows:

——the scope of application has been modified;

——the definitions of prepackaged foods and date of manufacture have been modified; the definition of specification has been added and the definition of date of minimum durability has been deleted;

——the manner for labeling of food additives has been modified;

——the manner for labeling of specification has been added;

——the manner for labeling of the name, address and contact information of the manufacturer and distributor has been modified;

——the largest surface area of a package or packaging container of prepackaged food when the minimum size of the words, symbols and numerals in the mandatory labeling information shall not be less than 1.8mm in height has been modified;

——the recommended labeling requirements for the foods which may contain allergens have been added;

——the method for calculation of the largest surface area in Annex A has been modified.

——Annex B and Annex C have been added



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