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Service items: Consultation of product compliance, consultation of label compliance, consultation service of other regulations & standards. Provide the research summarization of standards & regulations data, validity confirmation, comparison between the text of standards & regulations, interpretation & analysis of standards & regulations, and answering for standards & regulations questions for food enterprises.

Significance: Ensure product compliance, to avoid regulatory risk; reduce business costs, and improve business efficiency. Provide one-stop solution of food standards & regulations for enterprises by professional expert team and prompt consultation.

Resource advantages: Foodmate has the most complete food standards & regulations data platform in China, and a professional forum in the food industry with registered members up to 1 million, on which millions of net friends can communicate every day to understand the latest standards & regulations dynamic and technical information; maintain good cooperative relations with the food safety administration departments, industry associations, academic organizations in China at the same time, to carry out a comprehensive cooperation.

Professional advantages: Foodmate has a professional food standards & regulations team, more than 60% of which have a major master’s degree. In addition, with the help of good industry relations, we have established a strong part-time expert consultant team, who come from government departments, industry organizations, the third parties and so on.

Experience advantages: Foodmate has been committed to providing assistance for the healthy development of the food industry since its establishment, providing solutions for food industry compliance issues, and has accumulated rich experience in food standards & regulatory consultancy and problem solving. We have provided professional-level customized services for many international food enterprises and government departments.

Consultation of product compliance

Provide consultation service of food products compliance for food enterprises exporting products to China, including: confirmation of standard, consultation of ingredient compliance, and consultation of the usage of additives, et., assisting enterprises to ensure product compliance, and avoid regulatory risk. The scope of services covers all food types.

Service of label compliance

Provide review on food label compliance and Chinese label design of imported pre-packaged food for enterprises, help enterprises to strengthen food label management, and assist importer/exporter to quickly complete the review on label compliance of imported/exported food. The contents of label compliance review include: name, net content, date of manufacture, shelf life, nutrient composition, ingredients, enterprise information and storage conditions as well as compliance of advertising language.

Consultation of other regulations & standards

Self-build the standards & regulations database to provide standards & regulations comparison, confirmation on the validity of the standards & regulations, the analysis & interpretation of the provisions of standards & regulations and other in-depth interpretation services for food enterprises, and tailor-make solutions of standards & regulations for enterprises by the professional team, including but not limited to standards comparison, data search, data summarization, standard interpretation and so on.