Emergency plan for 2019 novel Coronavirus infected pneumonia epidemic of XX Food Co., Ltd.

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FOODMATE has translated the Emergency plan for 2019 novel Coronavirus infected pneumonia epidemic of XX Food Co., Ltd., for your reference. 

Emergency plan for 2019 novel Coronavirus infected pneumonia epidemic of XX Food Co., Ltd.

In consideration of the serious 2019 novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV) epidemic, our company has hereby formulated this plan:

To establish an epidemic emergency leading group and to organize the personnel in all departments of the company to carry out epidemic prevention. The list of the epidemic prevention leading group is as follows:

Other departments such as the Financial Department, Business Department, Quality Control Department, Warehousing Department, Purchasing Department, canteen, etc., shall implement relevant regulations in accordance with the requirements of the leading group.

The company will now delays the start time of work to February 10, 2020 (the 16th day of the first lunar month). During this period, the management personnel shall be on shift in the factory in the order of duty, and immediately report to the group leader or deputy group leader of the epidemic emergency leading group in case of finding any problem.

Employees and outsiders who arrive at the factory before starting work shall be advised to return.

I. Security Section:

1. Security Section needs to be equipped with the following equipment:


2. Inspection by the Security Section: any personnel, including the personnel of the Security Section, must wear medical masks and use 75% alcohol for hand disinfection. The 200 ppm disinfectant fluid shall be used to spray the floor of the Security Section and the office buildings, bathrooms, and dormitories every day;

3. The Security Section shall be equipped with electronic thermometers. Any personnel entering the factory must undergo a temperature detection. If the temperature is higher than 37.3 ℃, he/she shall be advised to see a doctor and do self-isolation;

4. Keep records of any personnel entering the factory, including his/her name, source, temperature, contact information, etc.;

5. Any vehicle entering the factory district shall be disinfected by spraying 200 ppm disinfectant fluid;

 II. Business Department:

1. Give feedback to customers on the start time of work and the order arrangements;

2. Communicate with recently visiting customers, cancel the recent visiting matters, and arrange after the epidemic is over;

3. Communicate with the Production Department about the delivery plan after starting the work and the matters related to materials and packaging materials.

III. Production Department:

1. Keep statistics of the employees before starting work, such as the number of local employees and of the employees from other provinces and cities, and the presence of fever and epidemic in their relatives and friends or in their surrounding area, etc. If there is a fever or an epidemic, the personnel associated shall be advised to undergo active treatment at home and self-isolation;

2. After starting work, detect the temperature of the employees entering the workshop in every morning and noon. If the temperature is higher than 37.3 ℃, they shall be advised to undergo treatment and self-isolation. They shall not be allowed to return to their work until recovery;

3. Disinfect the floor and wall of the production area every day by spraying 200 ppm sodium hypochlorite. Disinfect the changing rooms and workplaces with ozone after daily shift of the workshop;

4. Report the physical examination of employees in the workshop, especially those with a cold and fever, to the epidemic emergency leading group until the epidemic is over;

5. Gate duty personnel shall strictly require the employees to wear a medical mask before entering the workshop, and do hand disinfection by soaking their hands for 30 seconds in 150 ppm disinfectant fluid followed by using 75% alcohol. Personnel who does not strictly implement disinfection are prohibited from entering the workshop;

IV. Canteen:

1. Carry out daily temperature check of the staff in the canteen. If the temperature is higher than 37.3 ℃, the staff shall be advised to undergo treatment and self-isolation.

2. The canteen staff shall, before working every day, wear a medical mask, and do hand disinfection by soaking their hands for 30 seconds in 150 ppm disinfectant fluid followed by using 75% alcohol;

3. The canteen staff shall use 200 ppm disinfection fluid to spray the floor and desktop daily at 9:00, 14:00 and 19:00;

4. The canteen staff shall open the windows of the canteen for ventilation for 2 hours respectively at 9:00-11:00, 14:00-16:00 every day. The window opening time may be adjusted based on the weather conditions;

5. The tableware in the canteen: the cleaned tableware including stainless steel bowls, dishes and chopsticks shall be subject to high temperature disinfection (at 100 ℃ for 20 minutes) in every morning, noon and evening;

6. The work clothes and gloves of the canteen staff shall be cleaned and disinfected with 150-200 ppm disinfection fluid;

 V. Purchasing Department:

1. Contact the inventory and purchase of raw and auxiliary materials, packaging materials, and deoxidizers in advance, and take a full consideration of the extension of transport time or the failure of goods arrival due to the epidemic;

2. Purchase alcohol and sodium hypochlorite in advance. Due to the shortage in the market, it may be difficult to purchase and therefore reserves are required;

3. Contact to purchase the medical masks and disposable gloves to ensure the maximum production and processing needs;

4. Give an advance notice to foreign vehicles to actively accept disinfection measures when entering the factory, otherwise they will not be allowed to enter.

 VI. Office:

1. The Office shall register the registration personnel.For the registration personnel from the epidemic area, carefully ask whether there is an epidemic around them.

2. Keep daily statistics of registration personnel, including their sources, and report;

3. Post common knowledge of epidemic protection at the entrance of the factory, in the propaganda column of the factory district, at the entrance of the workshop, in the canteen and the dormitory buildings;

4. Deploy special disposable garbage cans in the factory district for recycling of disposable masks at the designated location, which shall be discarded after sprayed with disinfectant fluid.

VII. Logistics departments:

1. Large-scale meetings, dinners, visits and trainings within the company shall be cancelled, and video conferences shall be tried for communication;

2. Each department shall cooperate with the gate duty personnel of the Security Section and Production Department in the check of temperature. If the temperature is higher than 37.3 ℃, the personnel shall consciously undergo treatment and self-isolation;

3. All personnel shall wear medical masks and disinfect their hands by spraying 75% alcohol when entering the office area;

4. The office area shall be maintained ventilation by regularly opening windows in the morning, noon and afternoon;

5. The unnecessary business trips shall be stopped during the epidemic, and replaced with telephone, WeChat, etc. If you must travel, please report the destination, and accept temperature check and do hand disinfection after returning to the factory;

XX Food Co., Ltd.

January 29, 2020

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