Review of Food Laws & Regulations Globally (May, 2019)

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Review of Food Laws & Regulations Globally (May, 2019)



England bans plastic straws and drinks stirrers 

 Plastic straws and drink stirrers will be banned in England following overwhelming public support after an open consultation was launched last year. The ban, which also includes plastic stemmed cotton buds, will come into force in April 2020. However, Government has confirmed it will include exceptions to ensure those with a medical needs or a disability are able to continue to access plastic straws.

FSSAI notified Food Safety Stds (Food for Infant Nutrition) Regulation

FSSAI has notified a draft regulation for infant nutrition called the Food Safety Standards (Food for Infant Nutrition) Regulations 2019, having comprehensive regulations to replace the provisions related to the food for infant nutrition in Sub-regulations 2.1.9 of the Food Safety and Standards (Food Products and Food Additive) Regulations, 2011. 


Philippines lifts im
port ban on Fukushima agri products

PhilippinesThe Philippines has lifted the restrictions it imposed on the importation of agricultural and other food products coming from areas affected by the nuclear meltdown in Fukushima, Japan. The decision comes almost a year since the Japanese government made the request.


      Ghana government places indefinite ban on export of leafy vegetables

Starting Saturday, June 1, 2019, Ghana will not be exporting any more of leafy vegetables. 
According to the Ministry of Food and Agriculture, the move to place a ban on the exportation of Capsicum, Solanum, luffa and all other leafy vegetables to the international market has become necessary following “the high level of local interceptions at the exit points; the alarming rate of external notifications, and the new EU directives to all countries to re-provide dossiers to the EU on the management of harmful organisms on some of the above vegetables”.

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