Expert consensus on Probiotics and Health from Chinese Nutrition Society

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‘Chinese Nutrition Society Expert co<em></em>nsensus on Probiotics and Health’ was published on May 29, 2019 by Probiotics, Prebiotics and Health Branch of Chinese Nutrition Society.

‘Chinese Nutrition Society Expert consensus on Probiotics and Health’ was published on May 29, 2019 by Probiotics, Prebiotics and Health Branch of Chinese Nutrition Society. 

based on the principles of scientific and clinical evidences, experts from the field of probiotic research and application achieved scientific consensus on ‘the definition and types of probiotics’, ‘characteristics of probiotics’, ‘safety assessment of probiotics’, ‘health benefits of probiotics’, ‘recommendations for consumers’ after repeated discussions and revisions. 

The purpose of this consensus
is to provide guidance for consumers, to provide a basis for the evaluation of safety and health benefits of probiotics and to provide reference for the regulatory authorities.

The outline of the consensus is as follows:

1. Definition and types of probiotics

Probiotics are ‘Live microorganisms which when administered in adequate amounts confer a health benefit on the host’. Microorganisms in fermented foods cannot be directly referred to as probiotics. Beneficial bacteria in intestines, fecal bacteria grafts and related products do not satisfy the current concept of probiotics. The definition here refers specifically to beneficial microorganisms in foods and it can only be called probiotics after separation and identification, safety assessment and functional tests and in conformity with the concept of probiotics.

Strains in the List of Edible Strains for Food and List of Edible Strains for Infant Food can be called probiotics after being determined by probiotics evaluation system in China.

2. Characteristics of probiotics

According to the definition, probiotics must be:

a. Probiotics must be live microorganisms.

b. Probiotics must be safe, must accept rigorous safety assessment.

c. The beneficial effect of probiotics is related to its dosage.

d. There must be sufficient evidence to prove that probiotics are beneficial to the human body.  

e. Probiotic effects are strain specific.

Safety assessment of probiotics

The safety assessment of the probiotic strain shall include, but not limited to: identification of the strain, in vitro tests, in vivo studies using animals, observation of safety and effectiveness in clinical experiments of humans.
The safety of the probiotic strain is not equal to the safety of the final product.


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