Weekly Review of Food Standards and Regulations (05.01-05.10)

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 Weekly Review of Food Standards and Regulations China

China Informed the WTO of the Administrative Measures for Mandatory National Standards (Draft for review)

In order to strengthen the management of mandatory national standards and standardise the revision and implementation of mandatory national standards, according to the Standardisation Law of the People's Republic of China, on May 1, 2019, China informed the WTO of the Administrative Measures for Mandatory National Standards (Draft for review), soliciting opinions for 60 days since May 1, 2019.
National Health Commission Formulated Legislation Plan of Departmental Regulations in 2019

In order to implement the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China the State Council's New concept, New ideas and New strategies for comprehensively governing the country according to law and strengthen health legislation, on May 6, 2019, National Health Commission formulated the Legislation Plan of Departmental Regulations in 2019. The plan included 6 regulations that need to be formulated or revised and 5 projects that need faster research and to be completed with a draft plan 2019. 


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