How to Manage the Health Food Registration Certificate in China

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 Health Food Registration Certificate in China

In a health food registration certificate, product name, name and address of registrant, registration number, date of issue and expiration date, health function or functional ingredient and content, product specification, shelf life, suitable population, unsuitable population, precautions should be specified.

In addition, in the attachment of the health food registration certificate, the product label, the main contents of the instruction and the technical requirements of the product should be specified. Technical requirements shall include product name, formulation, production process, sensory requirements, identification, physical and chemical indicators, microbial indicators, the content and testing method of functional ingredients, loading or weight difference indicators (net weight and allowable negative deviation indicators), quality requirements of raw materials and others.
The health food registration certificate is valid for 5 years. The alteration of a health food registration certificate is valid for the same period as the original health food registration certificate.

Registration number format:
For domestic health food: 国食健注G + 4 digital numbers (indicating year) + 4 serial numbers
For imported health food: 国食健注J + 4 digital numbers (indicating year) + 4 serial numbers
Alteration, continuation and transfer:
If the alteration or continuation of the certificate is approved, a new registration certificate shall be issued and the previous one shall be cancelled.

If the transfer of technology is approved, a new registration certificate shall be issued to the transferee and the certificate of transferor shall be cancelled.

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