What are the Prohibited Labeling Items for Food Labels and Instructions?

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1. Labels and instructions shall not have false content

The basic requirements for labels and instructions for food and food additives are authenticity and accuracy. Its content shall be consistent with the relevant situation of food and food additives, and its description shall be scientific and objective.
A distinctive name that reflects the true attributes of the food shall be clearly marked in a prominent position on the food label. When the special name of the real attribute of the food is misleading to the food attribute due to the difference in font size or font color, the special name of the real attribute of the food should also be indicated by the same font size and the same font color. In order not to misunderstand or confuse the consumers with the true attributes, physical state and production method of the food, the corresponding words or phrases may be appended to the food name or after the food name. Such as dry, concentrated, reconstituted, smoked, fried, powdered, granulated, etc..
2.Shall not claim disease prevention and treatment 

Labels and instructions for foods and food additives shall not claim disease prevention or treatment. Disease prevention and treatment functions are functions that medicines should have. In the case the contents of labels and instructions for foods and food additives involve disease prevention and treatment functions, If there is no disease prevention or treatment function, it constitutes fraud; if it does have disease prevention and the treatment function, but not obtained the drug production license, then the product violates the relevant provisions of drug management. There may be food or food ingredients that are both food and medicine according to tradition, but as food consumption, it is not for therapeutic purposes.
3.The manufacturer is responsible for the label and the contents of the instructions provided by the manufacturer.

Food and food additives that are inconsistent with the contents stated in the label or the instructions shall not be sold on the market. The contents of the labels and instructions for foods and food additives should be consistent with the actual situation of foods and food additives. If the producer intentionally signs false information, it constitutes fraud and should bear the corresponding legal responsibility according to law. If the actual situation of food and food additives does not match the contents of the food, food additive labels, and instructions due to accidental factors in the production process, the label, the contents stated in the instructions, or the replacement may not be changed in time. Food, food additives, otherwise it is not allowed to go on sale.

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