2018 Annual Report of Food Standards & Regulations and Food Safety Events

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 2018 Annual Report of Food Standards & Regulations and Food Safety Events

Recently, the Annual Report of Food Standards & Regulations and Food Safety Events in 2018 (Chinese and English Versionprepared by Global Foodmate was released.

The report consists of five sections:

  1. The overview of China's food safety regulatory development in 2018;

  2. The overview of global food standards development in 2018;

  3. The sampling analysis report of food and food related products at home and abroad in 2018;

  4. The report of food safety hot events at home and abroad in 2018;

  5. The typical information service reports of Global Foodmate. 

In addition, Global Foodmate also conducted researches on several food fields and completed the report on the safety development of China's food industry in 2018.


The Overview of China's Food Safety Regulatory Development in 2018 mainly contain the reform of China’s food regulatory structure in 2018, the changes in food-related standards and regulations in 2018, etc.


The Overview of Global Food Standards Development in 2018 mainly contain the implemented and solicited food standards and regulations in China, EU, US, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, South Korea and other countries in 2018. On the basis of the above information, Global Foodmate also conducted an analysis and interpretation of policies and regulations which had great influence on the food industry.


The Sampling Analysis Report of Food and Food Related Products at Home and Abroad in 2018 is mainly based on the food sampling & analysis system independently developed by Global Foodmate. The report contains sampling information of food and food-related products issued by the State Administration for Market Regulation and local authorities, the information on the unqualified imported foods issued by the General Administration of Customs, the import alerts from several countries and the unqualified reasons based on food categories, country of origin and others.


The Report of Food Safety Hot Events at Home and Abroad in 2018 mainly include hot events with great influence in 2018, such as the E. coli outbreak event in the United States and the Spanish fake milk powder incident. based on the review of the event, the report also contains opinions from experts and social media and the analysis and comments from technical perspectives.


Global Foodmate selected and conducted researches on several fields attracted much attention, such as catering, infant formulaFSMPhealth food, dairy products and beverages. The safety development report of such field contains the standards and regulations in the industry, supervision and management trends and food safety hot events in 2018.


Global Foodmate provides food regulatory consulting services and all-around food safety solutions. Since 2015, Global Foodmate has prepared the annual report of food standards & regulations, which is widely acknowledged by our clients.


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