GB 13432-2013 National Food Safety Standard Labeling of Prepackaged Foods for Special Dietary Uses

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China Natio<em></em>nal Food Safety standard Labeling of Prepackaged Foods for Special Dietary Uses

GB 13432-2013 National Food Safety Standard Labeling of Prepackaged Foods for Special Dietary Uses


 Issued on: December 26, 2013
 Enforced on: July 1, 2015
 Status: Effective
 Translated by: Global Foodmate Translation Center 
 Language: English


1 Scope
This standard applies to the labeling of prepackaged foods for special dietary uses (including nutrition labeling).

2 Terms and Definitions
The terms and definitions as specified in GB 7718, as well as the following terms and definitions shall apply to this standard.

 Foods for special dietary uses
Foods for special dietary uses refers to those which are specially processed or formulated to satisfy special dietary requirements under a particular physical or physiological condition and/or under specific diseases and disorders and other conditions. The content of nutrients and/or other nutritional components in these foodstuffs differ significantly from that of comparable ordinary foods.
See Annex A for the category of foods for special dietary uses.

2.2 Nutrients
Nutrients refer to substances with a specific physiological function, which can maintain the growth, development, activities, breeding and normal metabolism of the human body, including protein, fat, carbohydrate, minerals and vitamins, etc..

2.3 Nutritional components
Nutritional components refer to nutrients as well as other components (other than nutrients) with nutritional and/or physiological functions contained in foods.

2.4 Recommended nutrient intake (RNI)
Recommended nutrient intake (RNI) refers to the intake level of nutrient that is sufficient to meet the needs of most individuals in a population with certain gender, age and physiological status.

2.5 Appropriate intake (AI)
Appropriate intake (AI) refers to a safe intake level of nutrients, which is the intake level of a certain nutrient by healthy population obtained via observation or experiment.

3 Basic Requirements
The labeling of prepackaged foods for special dietary uses shall comply with the content of basic requirements specified in GB 7718, as well as the following requirements:

--any claims as to the function of disease prevention and treatment shall be prohibited;
--relevant provisions of labels and instructions specified in corresponding product standards of the prepackaged foods for special dietary uses shall be complied with;
--content claims and functional claims on the essential components in formula foods intended for infants of 0 ~ 6 months shall be prohibited.

4 Mandatory Labeling Information

4.1 General requirements

The labeling information of prepackaged foods for special dietary uses shall comply with the requirements of corresponding provisions in GB 7718.

4.2 The name of the food...
4.3 Labeling of energy and nutritional components...
4.4 Instructions for consumption and target population...

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