Q&As Of Food Safety Standard 5: Ingredients Labeling

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Q: How to understand the “Special emphasis”, “valuable, and characteristic” in the “General Rules for Labelling Food Safety” (GB 7718-2011)?
A: “Special emphasis” refers to the emphasis on the product, ingredients or ingredients by the promotion of ingredients or ingredients. It is highlighted or implied in the form of text on the label other than the content of the ingredient list. Ingredient ingredients;
   "Valued, characteristic" means that the ingredients or ingredients emphasized are more beneficial to the human body than the general condition of the food, and the ingredients or ingredients have properties different from the general ingredients or ingredients of the food. It is a relatively special ingredient.

Extended analysis

The General Rules for the Labelling of Prepackaged Foods for National Food Safety Standards (GB 7718-2011) 4 Clause stipulates that “if the food label or food label specifically emphasizes the addition or inclusion of one or more valuable and characteristic ingredients Or ingredients, should indicate the amount of ingredients or ingredients added or the amount in the finished product."
The focus of this article is that when the food label “specially emphasizes the addition of ingredients or ingredients”, “the amount of ingredient or ingredient added should be indicated or the content in the finished product”, and the ingredient or ingredient is “valuable” "Characteristics" is a common-sense judgment based on general cognition. Under the premise of satisfying "special emphasis", as long as one of them is included, it should be quantitatively marked.
    However, according to the provisions of Article, when a certain ingredient or ingredient is mentioned in the food name of a prepackaged food and is not particularly emphasized on the label, it is not necessary to indicate the amount of the ingredient or ingredient added or The content in the finished product.
    For example, the name of the instant noodles does not require quantitative labeling when describing the taste of the contents. The product name is “bird's nest drink”. If the raw material value of bird's nest is not particularly emphasized on the label and there is no picture related to bird's nest, the content is not required to be labeled. Otherwise, the specific content is required.
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