Q&As Of Food Safety Standard 4:Nutrition Fact Labeling

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 China Food Safety Standard
Q: . Is it in violation of the National Food Safety Standards for Prepackaged Food Nutrition Labelling (GB 28050-2011) if the amount of nutrients detected in the final product is inconsistent with the labeling? How to judge?
A: GB 28050-2011 sets the allowable error range for the energy and nutrient content of the food during the product's shelf life. The allowable error is the basis for judging whether the label value is correct, but it is not possible to judge whether the product is qualified by only the error. If the nutrient content is required in the standards of the corresponding product, it should meet the requirements of the product standard and the allowable error range specified by the nutrition label. For example, the sterilized milk (GB 25190-2010) stipulates that the protein content in the milk should be ≥ 2.9g/100g. If the product is qualified, it should be considered whether the actual protein content is greater than 2.9g/100g.
Extended analysis

According to the National Food Safety Standards for Prepackaged Foods Nutrition Labelling (GB28050-2011) 6.4: “In the product shelf life, the allowable error range of energy and nutrient content should meet the following requirements:
(1) Proteins of foods, polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats (acids), carbohydrates, sugars (lactose only), total, soluble or insoluble dietary fiber and its monomers, vitamins (excluding vitamin D, vitamins) A), minerals (excluding sodium), and other nutrient-enhanced tolerances are ≥ 80% of the indicated values;
(2) Energy in food and fat, saturated fat (acid), trans fat (acid), cholesterol, sodium, sugar (except lactose) ≤ 120 % marked value;
(3) Vitamin A and vitamin D in food should be between 80% and 180%.
Need to be reminded that the label label can only be used as a reference for determining whether the food is qualified, and is not the only basis for determining whether the food is qualified. Any food must first meet the quality requirements of the product, and secondly meet the nutritional labeling requirements of the product.
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