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Newsletter Issue Number: Vol. 11 2018-10-30

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ISSUE NUMBER: Vol. 11 2018-10-30
GAC | SAMR Announcement on FSMP Registration Verification Certificate
In order to further optimize the business environment at the port and improve the level of cross-border trade facilitation, the General Administration of Customs and the State Administration of Market Regulation have decided to implement electronic data network verification for five types of regulatory documents such as the Registration Verification Certificate for Food for Special Medical Purposes(FSMP). The relevant matters are hereby announced as follows:
Letter from the SAMR on Public Consultation Opinions on the Naming of Health Foods (Draft for Comment)
Probiotics are called the baby's "guardian of the intestines". At the moment of the baby's birth, the probiotics are brought from the mother (the birth canal, breast milk).
Consumers must remember that there are only 7 probiotics allowed in infant foods in China.
Marketing Insight: What Will be the Future Trend of Infant Food Supplements?
Infant formula and infant food supplement are the main components of the infant food industry in China. Purely breast-fed infants shall start to add infant food supplement from 6 months. Formula-fed infants usually start to add food supplements from 4 months, and gradually add some foods other than breast milk, including rice flour, puree, puree, etc. Solid food, boiled rice, noodles, solid food cut into small pieces of fruits, vegetables, etc. These foods are supplementary foods for infants and young children.
The Newly Infant Formula Registration Approval List in China
According to the statistics from Global Foodmate, compare this batch to the last time (August 14, 2018) registered milk powder formula companies approval list, all the brands are domestic dairy brands in China. As of today, 1,195 recipes have been approved. Among them, there are 918 formulas registered by domestic enterprises, and 277 formulas of overseas enterprises are registered.
How to Treat "Hai Tao" Health Food / Food Supplements Correctly?
“Hai Tao” is an overseas shopping method, which is to retrieve overseas product information through the Internet, and send a shopping request through an electronic order form, and then fill in a private credit card number, which the product is delivered by an overseas shopping website through international express delivery, or by a transshipment company. Then forward it back to the country. It is divided into two types: domestic cross-border e-commerce purchasing and overseas direct mail direct purchase.
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