Comparison of Food Safety Supervision & Sampling Plan-- 2019 vs 2018

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On 25 December, 2018, State Administration for Marketing Regulation (SAMR) solicited public opinions on 2019 Food Safety Supervision &Sampling Plan.
Global Foodmate recently compared 2019 Food Safety Supervision & Sampling Plan (hereafter referred to as ‘2019 VERSION’) with 2018 Food Safety Supervision & Sampling Plan (hereafter referred to as ‘2018 VERSION’), and now briefly introduces the changes in food categories and sampling items.
Revision of food categories:

2019 VERSION shows a more detailed classification of food categories, which includes 181 food categories and 14 more than that in 2018 VERSION (167 food categories).
Changes of food categories are as follows:
a. Revising names of 2 food categories:
‘Deeply processed aquatic products’ is revised as ‘Other aquatic products’, ‘Bottled (barreled) of drinking water’ is revised as ‘Packaged drinking water’.
b. Adding 2 food categories:
‘Food supplements for pregnant and lactating women’ and ‘Salt’.
c. Elaborating 2 food categories:
‘Other edible oils (semi-refined, fully refined)’ is classified into ‘Rapeseed oil’, ‘Soybean oil’, ‘Edible plant blending oil’ and ‘Other edible oils (semi-refined, fully refined)’.
‘Sugar (white granulated sugar, white soft sugar, brown granulated sugar, rock sugar, cube sugar, golden slab sugar, etc.)’ is classified into ‘White granulated sugar’, ‘White soft sugar, ‘Brown granulated sugar’, ‘Brown sugar’, ‘Rock sugar’, ‘Cube sugar’, ‘Golden slab sugar’ and ‘Other sugars’.
The sampling items of the elaborated food categories are also clearly specified.
Revision of sampling items:

a. Increasing sampling items of 51 food categories
b. Decreasing sampling items of 99 food categories
c. Revising sampling items of 13 food categories
For more detailed information on sampling plan, please feel free to contact Global Foodmate. 

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