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SAMR Issued A Notice on 33 Batches of Unqualified Food Sampling

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SAMR Issued A Notice on 33 Batches of Unqualified Food Sampling

Recently, the SAMR organized sampling for 1209 batches of totally 5 categories of foods including meat products, aquatic products, dairy products, infant formula foods and edible agricultural products. There are 1176 qualified samples and 33 unqualified samples from to the inspection and determination according to national food safety standards (GB).

The SAMR has instructed the relevant provincial food safety supervision departments to investigate and deal with the unqualified products found during the sampling. The food production enterprises and importers are enforced to trace their flow of products, recall unqualified products, analyze the reasons for rectification, and immediately take measures such as taking off the shelves and stopping sales to control the risks.

How to avoid sampling risk?

Firstly, quality is the key. Food manufacturers shall pay more attention on the product quality and ensure the food compliance in China.

Secondly, China’s food regulation, as well as consumer trend, is also changing very fast. Master the regulation context is prerequisite for foreign companies to enter and survive in China market.

In summary, food compliance is essential for company from product itself including ingredient, food additives, label to marketing and sale.

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