Summary| 2018 3rd Quarter Unqualified Foods Issued by GAC

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 summary food quarter notice issued by GAC



According to the monthly notice of unqualified foods and cosmetics by GAC, 418 batches of imported foods, with a total weight of 718852.55 kg, were found unqualified and refused for entry during the third quarter of 2018.


 These foods came from 37 countries or regions, such as Australia, Pakistan, Brazil, Belgium, Poland, Denmark, Germany, France, the Philippines and Georgia. Foods from Italy, the United States, Japan, Australia and Taiwan were found with a relatively high unqualified rate, especially from Italy.

The foods refused for entry did not comply with China’s laws and regulations.
The main reasons of rejection were: illegal use (out of application range or excessive dosage) of food additives, microbial contamination, non-compliant food label, failure to provide required certificates, non-compliant trace element content, etc., noteworthy, the most occurred reason was illegal use of food additives. In addition, some products were rejected due to unqualified package, inconformity of goods and documents or lack of inspection and quarantine approval.

The above mentioned unqualified foods had been returned or destroyed at ports, according to GAC. 



Advice to consumers from Global Foodmate, when buying imported foods: 

1. Check Chinese label: do not buy imported products without a Chinese label on the package. 

2. Check certificate of inspection and quarantine: the certificate is the entering permit of imported foods, consumers can ask it from distributors. Do not buy imported products without the certificate.

       3. Always buy imported foods from legal distribution channels: do not easily trust abroad online stores(Hai Tao) and do not buy from individual buyers (Daigou).


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