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Newsletter Issue Number: Vol. 6 2018-08-15

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ISSUE NUMBER: Vol. 6 2018-08-15
What Are the Definition and Difference of FSMP Standards by Countries?
Different countries have developed FSMP standards to regulate the production of FSMP.
The Codex Alimentarius Commission (CAC) issued the Code of Infant Formulations and Special Medical Infant Formulas (Codex Stan 72-1981) in 1981. Appendix B of this standard is specific to infant formulas for special medical uses. based on the requirements of normal infant formula, the nutrition compositon adjust according to the disease condition. In addition, CAC issued the Codex Standard for Labeling and Claiming of Formulas for Special Medical Uses (Codex Stan 180-1991) in 1991, mainly for the definition and labeling of Foods for Special Medical Purpose (FSMP). Detailed regulations were made.
How Many Types of Probiotics are Allowed to be Used in China Infant Foods?
Probiotics are called the baby's "guardian of the intestines". At the moment of the baby's birth, the probiotics are brought from the mother (the birth canal, breast milk).
Consumers must remember that there are only 7 probiotics allowed in infant foods in China.
The First Full-nutrition FSMP Approval Issued by SAMR
On August 7, 2018, the State Administration of Markets and Regulations (SAMR) issued information on the registration catalogue of FSMP. For the first time in the catalogue, a full-nutrition FSMP is approved. So far, except for the specific nutrition FSMP, the other three types of FSMP have products being approved. The "food" of the FSMP consumer has a better guarantee.
The SAMR Publishes the Registration Approval List of Infant Formula in China
The State Administration of MarketsRegulations (SAMR) informed that on August 10, the SAMR approved the registration of 21 infant formulas for three companies. The approved enterprises are Shanxi Yashili Dairy Co., Ltd., Heilongjiang Youbeite Dairy Co., Ltd. and Hulunbeier Friendship Dairy (Group) Co., Ltd.
What Is the Supervision System for Health Food in China?
Recently, the nutritional health food industry’s rampant and turbulent incidents was the introduction of the functions of the SAMR, the establishment of internal institutions and staffing regulations, and the China Food and Drug Administration as the national bureau administered by the SAMR, which no longer manages health food. Special foods such as health foods, and the management of nutritious health foods is classified into the Special Food Safety Supervision and Management Department. In this regard, some insiders have speculated that the Chinese government has to take new and more stringent measures for nutrition and health food.
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