The General Administration of Customs notified the quality and safety of imported food in China in 2017

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On July 20th, the National Food Safety Publicity Week was held in Qingdao on the theme day of the General Administration of Customs.

At the scene of the home event, the General Administration of Customs notified the overall situation of the quality and safety of imported food in China in 2017.

With the continuous improvement of the living standards of domestic citizens, the demand for imported food has increased year by year. In 2017, China imported a total of 58.28 billion US dollars of food, an increase of 25.0% over the same period of last year. The average annual growth rate of imported food trade in the past five years was 5.7%. In 2017, the import volume of edible vegetable oil, milk powder, meat and aquatic products reached 9.419 million tons, 1.324 million tons, 4.274 million tons and 4.089 million tons respectively. imported food safety has become a major event to ensure the safety of Chinese consumers.
In 2017, China imported 1.429 million batches, 53.481 million tons, and 58.28 billion US dollars product from 187 countries (regions), compared to the same period from last year, the import volume increased 7.9%, 36.5% and 25.0% respectively. The top 10 import food trades are from: EU, USA, New Zealand, Indonesia, Canada, Australia, Brazil, Malaysia, Russia and Vietnam; meat, oils and fats, dairy products, aquatic products and products, Grains and products, alcohol, sugar, beverages, dried nuts and biscuits are the main types of imported food.
In 2017, the General Administration of Customs further improved the import food safety supervision system, which strictly controlled the import of food, vigorously implemented the responsibility of imported food producers and operators. The import food safety supervision system actively promoted the international co-governance of food safety, effectively safeguarded the safety of imported food, and did not have major import food safety issues throughout the year. In 2017, a total of 94 countries (regions) were found to be inconsistent with China's laws, regulations and standards, and a total volume of 6631 batches 49,000 tons, and 69.537 million US dollars of food are rejected for entering China. Among them, mainly beverages, alcohol, cakes and biscuits, sugar, grain and other products; the main reasons for the rejection include: unqualified quality, unqualified certificates, unqualified labels, unqualified food additives, over-dosage of food additives, and microbial contamination, etc.
The General Administration of Customs regularly reports on the quality and safety of imported foods, which has widespreaded influence in the society. This briefing on the overall status of China's imported food quality and safety in 2017 will better guide the whole society to understand the overall situation of imported food, build an information sharing platform between the government, enterprises and consumers, and import for all levels of supervision. Food supervision work provides a reference. At the same time, it provides basic data support for China's food industry quality and safety management and development strategy.

Food includes meat and relevant products (including organs), aquatic and plant products, milk and dairy products, eggs products, honey products, casings, edible oil, rice, peanuts, vegetables products, Chinese herbal medicines, canned food, edible protein products, flour and food products, miscellaneous grains, oilseed oils, dried nuts, seed kernels, tea, coffee cocoa raw materials, beverages, alcohol, sugar, candied fruit, condiments, pastries, special dietary foods Health foods, genetically modified foods, etc., but do not include soybeans, wheat, etc. as raw materials for food, and agricultural products such as corn as feed ingredients.


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