Special Topic on Food Additives I: Introduction

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In order to thoroughly introduce food addtives, Global Foodmate has deliberately organized and collected special topic about food additives for this week. In this week, Global Foodmate will introduce the food addtives with a series of articles. The topic will cover introduction, regulations, registration, and Q&A of the food additives. This is the first article of the series, the content of covers the regulatory framework, definitioin, relevant regualtion and administrative department of food additives.
Regulatory framework for new food additives in China
Food Safety Law of the People’s Republic of China (2009) (Revised on April 24, 2015). According to Food Safety Law, for production of new food additive varieties, the producer shall submit the safety assessment materials relative to the product to the NHFPC. NHFPC shall organize the review of the materials within sixty (60) days upon receipt of the application. For applications that comply with food safety requirements, a license shall be granted and made public. For applications that fail to comply with the safety requirements, a license shall not be granted with an explanatory note in writing.
Definition of the new food additives

New varieties of food additives refer to:
1)      Varieties of food additives not listed in the national food safety standards;
2)      Varieties not included in the List of Approved Food Additives as issued by the Ministry of Health;
3)      Varieties of food additives with extended application scope or amount of usage.

       The use of food additives shall comply with the following requirements:
1)      The putrefaction and deterioration of food may not be covered;
2)      The quality defect in food or production process may not be covered;
3)      The food additives are not used for the purpose of adulteration, sophistication or counterfeiting;
4)      The nutritive value of food may not be reduced;
5)      Under the precondition that the desired effect is achieved, the dosage of food additive shall be reduced as much as possible;
6)      The processing agents used in food industry shall be removed before the finished products are obtained, unless a residual quantity is allowed for such agents. 

Relevant regulations

Measures for the Administration of New Varieties of Food Additives
Provisions on the Declaration and Acceptance of Food Additives
Announcement on Regulations of License Administration for New Species of Food Additive
Food safety National Standard Standards for Uses of Food Additive
Administrative department

National Health and Family Planning Commission (NHFPC)

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