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How to Select and Confirm the Primary Components Testing Method of Health Food Probiotics

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In order to further clarify the requirements for the research, development and review of the testing methods for primary components of probiotic, the Center organized a special seminar to conduct research on relevant review issues.

The relevant information is hereby released for reference when applying for registration of health foods.

Given that the current national standards and international standards for probiotic detection methods can basically meet the needs of probiotics for health food testing. At the same time, the national and international standards are stable, reproducible, and applicable, the primary testing method for probiotics and research data are not mandatory requirements. However, the test methods selected and confirmed by registered applicants should meet the following national or international standards:

1.The test strains shall be probiotics in the current "List of Probiotics for Health Foods" and "List of Strains Suitable for Use in Foods". The test methods must adopt the methods specified in GB 4789.34 or GB 4789.35.

2.Test strains are not included in the current "List of Health Probiotics for Probiotics" and "List of Strains for Use in Foods", and products whose detection methods cannot adopt the methods specified in GB 4789.34 or GB 4789.35 may be adopted by AOAC ( (Association Of Official Analytical Chemists) Microbiological Examination Method System, USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) Microbiological Examination Method System, IDF (International Dairy Federation) Microbiological Examination Method System, FDA Bacteriological Analytical Manual (BAM), and ISO 16140 prescribed method.

3.Test strains are not included in the current “List of Health Food Probiotic Strains’ and “the List of Strains that can be used for Food”, and products that use self-developed test methods should provide the basis for selection and determination of test methods. 

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