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Special Topic on Health Food IV: Registration Procedure and Materials

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In order to thoroughly introduce health food, Global Foodmate has deliberately organized and collected special topic about health food for this week. In this week, Global Foodmate will introduce the health food with a series of articles. The topic will cover introduction, market, regulations, registration, and Q&A of the health food. This is the fourth article of the series, mainly listed the health food registration procedure and materials.

The procedure of health food registration 

Materials submitted for health food registration

Ø 3: Including R&D person, R&D time, R&D process, the verification data of the medium testing, reports and relevant scientific basis for the raw materials out of the catalog and product safety, health care functions, and quality control, as well as product technical requirements comprehensively determined based on R&D results, etc.
Ø 4: Including the name and amount of raw materials and auxiliary materials, production processes, quality standards, if necessary, should also be provided in accordance with the provisions of the basis for the use of raw materials, the use of parts of the description, inspection certificate, variety identification report.
Ø 5: The production process materials of product; Including production process chart and description, key process control points and instructions
Ø 6: Including the safety of the raw materials and products outside the catalog, testing evaluation materials of health care function, evaluation materials for human consumption, test reports on efficacy ingredients or signature ingredients, hygiene, stability, strain identification, bactericidal virulence, etc., and involving stimulants, illicit drug ingredients and other test reports

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