Special Topic on Health Food II: Summary of Standards and Regulations

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In order to thoroughly introduce health food, Global Foodmate has deliberately organized and collected special topic about health food for this week. In this week, Global Foodmate will introduce the health food with a series of articles. The topic will cover introduction, market, regulations, registration, and Q&A of the health food.This is the second article of the series, mainly summarized standards and regulations of health food registration and filing in China.

With the strengthened awareness of health caused by aging and environmental pollution in China, health food market will grow at an average annual rate of 10-15%, from RMB260 billion in 2016 to RMB400 billion in 2021. Moreover, consumers’ mind-set about health food is gradually shifting from being seen as luxury goods to ordinary consumer products. 

With the positive policy background as well as increasing demand, China health food industry will continue to grow steadily.  Foodmate, as the leading food regulation consulting company in China, reviews the development process of market and management of health food, analyzes the opportunities and challenges faced by the imported health food enterprises, and interprets the relevant laws and regulations of health food registration and filing in details (Please visit our website:

Here we summarized all standards and regulations about health food registration and filing in China:
Regulatory framework
Administrative Department
China Food and Drug Administration (CFDA)
Health Food Registration & Filing Regulations
Food Safe Law of The People’s Republic of China (2015)
Administrative Measures of Health Food Registration And Filing(2016
Guidance for Health Food Registration (2016)
Detailed Guidance for Health Food Registration Approval (2016 Version) (2016
List of Approved Health Food Raw Materials Directory (The 1st Batch) (2017
List of Auxiliary Materials for Health Food Filing and Terms of Use (Trial) (2017)
Directory of Health Function Available to Claim for Health Food (The 1st Batch) (2017)
Guideline for Health Food Filing Application (Trial) (2017
Main Production Process of Health Food Filing Products (Trial) (2017)
Production & Operation Regulations
Food production license management measures (Revised 2015,2017)
Health Food Production License Review Rules (2016
Food Business License Review General Rules (Trial)2015
Management Measures for Daily Supervision And Inspection of Food Production And Operation2016
Food Safety Sampling Inspection Management Measures2014
Internet Food Safety Violations Investigation Measure2016
Food Recall Management Measures2015
Measures for the Supervision and Administration of the Quality and Safety of the Marketing of Edible Agricultural Products2016
import & Export Regulations
import and Export Food Safety Management Measures 2011
import and Export Pre-Packaged Food Label Inspection Supervision and Management Regulations (2012)
Regulations on the Registration of Foreign Producers of imported Foods2012
imported Food importers and Exporters Filing Management Regulations (2012)
import and Export Commodities Random Inspection Management Measures (2002)
import and Export Goods Exemption Inspection Measures (2002)
Product Standard
GB 16740-2014 National Standard for Health Food


Foodmate provides professional consulting service in health food registration:
Ø Study of the classification, composition and labelling ofthe products and advice on reformulation (if necessary) to comply with China regulations
Ø Preparation and drafting registration (or filing) dossiers
Ø Coordinate with 3rd parties lab in China todetect the product according to China regulations
Ø Follow-up of the dossier before the national authorities until completion

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