Special Topic on Health Food I: Introduction

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In order to thoroughly introduce health food, Global Foodmate has deliberately organized and collected special topic about health food for this week. In this week, Global Foodmate will introduce the health food with a series of articles. The topic will cover introduction, market, regulations, registration, and Q&A of the health food.
This is the first article of the series, mainly introduce the background, classification, and market demand of health food.
Background introduction in China

Ø With the strengthened awareness of health caused by aging and environmental pollution in China, health food market will grow at an average annual rate of 10-15%, from RMB260 billion in 2016 to RMB400 billion in 2021. Moreover, consumers’ mind-set about health food is gradually shifting from being seen as luxury goods to ordinary consumer products.
Ø Besides, implementation of Outline of "healthy China 2030" and National Nutrition Program (2017 - 2030) indicated that the state will actively raise the nutrient intake of its people, and will make the development of health food and nutrient fortified food one of its priorities. This will help boost the development of China’s health food market.
Ø From regulatory point of view, after 30 years development, China has set up a complete regulatory system from health food, “Administrative Measures for Registration and Filing of Health Food” that has been implemented since 2016 opened the registration admittance and filing double-track system of health food products, and the relevant supporting regulations have been promulgated in succession.
Ø With the positive policy background as well as increasing demand, China health food industry will continue to grow steadily. In this report, Foodmate, as the leading food regulation consulting company in China, reviews the development process of market and management of health food, analyzes the opportunities and challenges faced by the imported health food enterprises, and interprets the relevant laws and regulations of health food registration and filing in details.
Classification of Health Food in China

Ø Nutrition supplement:
Food that provides the vitamins and /or minerals but without providing energy or other active ingredients.
Ø Functional health food:
Food that labeled with health function claim has physiological effects on the human body.
Booming opportunity for foreign companies in China health food market


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