The General Administration of Customs announced the milk products that were not allowed to enter China in March

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On May 9, 2018, The General Administration of Customs release in March is not accurate information: imports of unqualified products such as pure goat's milk, milk, mir Della 23 batches of dairy products in the port of entry is intercepted, have been returned or destroyed.


ØOne batch of Delamere pure goat milk (UHT milk) from Belgium INEX N.V. was intercepted at Xiamen port due to excessive acidity.

ØTwo batches of the bottled partially skim milk and whole milk from France's LAITA were intercepted at  Shanghai port because the company did not provide the required certification or certification materials.


ØOne batch of Devondale milk from Australia's MURRAY GOULBURN CO-OPERATIVE CO.LIMITED was intercepted at Shanghai port due to inconsistency in the shipment certificate.


ØOne batch of skim milk powder from Belgium HOOGWEGT INTERNATIonAL B.V. was intercepted at Shanghai port because of unsatisfactory packaging.


ØFive batches of yogurt in many Marlow falvours from the French SOCIETE INDUSTRIELLE LAITIERE DU LEON were intercepted at Shanghai port because they did not provide the required certification or certification materials.

In addition, 13 batches of butter slices, and cheese from French FLECHARD SAS, LAITA, SOCIETE FROMAGERE DEUVES, FROMAGERIE DELIVAROT-FDL and GENNARO AURICCHIO SPA from Italy were blocked at Shanghai and Jiangsu ports due to the listed products failed to provide certificates or qualification certificates and mold, yeast and coliforms exceeded the standards.

In fact, the growing Chinese market has attracted a lot of interest from countries all over the world.  Meanwhile Chinese government has, over the last years, developed a tougher and tougher standard on food regulations to regulate the market and ensure food safety. 

The main reason why imported food are intercepted at the customs and delayed enter into the China’s market which could increase the estimated cost is non-compliance. The import compliance services provided by Global Foodmate can effectively help overseas companies reduce or avoid the losses caused by non-compliance.


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