Enterprise Customs Inspection and Quarantine Qualification Combined Into One

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 From April 20th onwards, after the company has registered or filed with the customs, it will obtain the qualification for customs declaration and inspection at the same time. The import and export inspection and quarantine management responsibilities, and the service teams merged into the General Administration of Customs management functions is an important step in the business integration and reform in accordance with the work plan for the "Reinforce the Party and the State Institutional Reform Program"

According to the “Announcement of the General Administration of Customs on the Qualifications Concerning the Combining Qualifications of Customs Clearance for Customs Declaration”, the scope of this reform is mainly merging the registration of the inspection and quarantine inspection enterprises and the customs import and export goods consignees and consignors. Inspection and quarantine agency inspection enterprise registration and customs declaration enterprise registration or customs declaration and registration of branch offices merged into the registration of customs declaration enterprises and declaration of branches of enterprises. Inspection and quarantine personnel for the record and the customs declaration personnel for the record merged into the declaration personnel for the record.

The relevant enterprises and personnel can fill in the application information through a “single window”. By using the system to inquire the results of the application, and submit the application materials to the site of any local customs service, and the dual qualifications of customs declaration and inspection can be obtained. "one registration, one record" is truly finalized. Previously, the procedures for registration or filing that belonged to the two agencies involved in the inspection have become a history.


For the enterprises that have gone through customs declaration and inspection registration or filed with the customs and the original inspection and quarantine departments before the reform, the original customs declaration and inspection qualifications will remain valid. For enterprises that have only applied for customs declaration or inspection registration or filing registration, the company can use the "single window" to provide relevant supplementary information and data from June 1 onwards. After the information is provided, it will also be eligible for obtain the customs declaration and inspection qualification.


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