Foodmate Organizes the Food Science and Technology Innovation Forum in 2018

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The Food Science and Technology Innovation Forum in 2018 will held on March 20-21, 2018 in Shanghai Guangda exhibition center international hotel.which is co-sponsored by Foodmate and food industry science and technology magazine.

based on the tenet of “technological innovation, industry innovation”, the forum invites domestic and foreign well-known senior experts, scholars and entrepreneurs to provide splendid reports for participants from the aspects of policies and regulations, industrial direction, and promotion of new technologies.

In this forum, Foodmate will conduct the keynote speech on “Regulations and Intelligent Solutions for Compliance Determination of Food Ingredients”. We will take a brief introduction about the intelligent solutions basing on the regulations compliance determination of food ingredients from Foodmate:

1. Regulatory basis for compliance determination of food ingredients

At present, the materials can be used as a food ingredients are mainly including ordinary food raw materials, new food raw materials, medicine and food homologous substances, bacteria can be used for food, Food additives, nutritional enhancers, etc.And the food includes infant food, special medical use formula foods, health foods and other special foods),ingredients

2, Intelligent solutions

Foodmate has developed an intelligent solution for food ingredients compliance judgment. . The R&D or regulatory staff first determines the food category to be determined in the system, selects the corresponding standard product, enters the product formula ratio, and then can qualitatively and quantitatively determine the conformity of the product ingredients, and gives the judgment conclusion and formula modification suggestions. On the basis of formula compliance, the system can also achieve compliance determination of test results, generation of food label ingredient list, and calculation and generation of nutrient composition tables.

Welcome to the Food Science and Technology Innovation Forum to discuss food ingredients compliance in more depth with Foodmate!

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