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CFDA Printed and Distributed the Implementation Plan of Rectification Work on Food and Health Food Fraud and False Propaganda

放大字体  缩小字体 Date:24 Nov 2017  Source:Foodmate  Writer:Sun Guoliang  Views:153
According to the requirements of “Notice of 9 departments as Food safety Office under the State Council about printing and distributing the rectification plan on food and health food fraud and false propaganda” (No 20, 2017 of Food safety Office) and “Notice of Food safety Office under the State Council about continuing to do a good job in the relevant items of rectification work on food and health food fraud and false propaganda” (No 33, 2017 of Food safety Office), in order to further promote rectification work and earnestly pay special attention to the implementation of the task, China Food and Drug Administration organized to formulate the “China Food and Drug Administration Implementation plan of rectification work on food and health food fraud and false propaganda” and printed and distributed it on November 19, 2017.

The plan calls for strengthening the organization leadership, strengthening the focus of rectification and refining the rectification measures. The main remediation work of all violations of laws and regulations include: production and trade of food and health food without production license; behaviors of false labeling and claim of label of food and health food; illegal marketing and propaganda and sales with fraud of food and health food; uncensored publication of health food advertisements and the publication of false and illegal advertisements of food and health food and other violations of laws and regulations concerning food and health food fraud and false propaganda, etc.

The labeling, claims, advertisement and propaganda of food and health food have always been one of the key elements of food safety regulation, and also a point where problem occurs easily. With the development of the internet and e-commerce and people's health care awareness, many enterprises may wish to conduct obscure claims and propaganda through the imperfect of China's laws and regulations in order to obtain illegitimate benefits, such as explicit or implicit treatment of diseases, prevention and conditioning of diseases. At the same time, on the other hand, professional anti-counterfeiting agents are increasingly active. Any language descriptions on a label which are suspected as functional claim and misleading consumer may be the target of their anti-counterfeiting work. In addition, China's supervision on imported food products through cross-border electronic commerce has also been vague, and perhaps many incomplete compliance foods may enter the market through cross-border electronic commerce, but with the further improvement of legal system and supervision, the supervision and administration on the labeling and marking, advertisement and propaganda of products circulated in our country will be more stringent and clear.

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