Summarization on Food Standards and Food-related Standards to be Implemented from July of 2017

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79 food standards and food-related standards will be implemented from July of 2017. Foodmate collected and summarized related standards according to the Notice of AQSIQ about releasing the fourth batch of entry-exit inspection and quarantine industrial standards in 2016 (141 items), Announcement of AQSIQ about approving to release 163 national standards such as “Quality management systems-Fundamentals and vocabulary”, Announcement No. 23, 2016 of SAC about releasing 292 national standards and 23 national standards (foreign language edition) such as “Food industry enterprises integrity management system”, and Announcement No. 2, 2017 of MIIT about approving to release 426 industrial standards such as “Fruit & vegetable fiber”, including 15 recommendatory national standards and 64 industrial standards.

There are 11 newly-added ones and 4 ones substituting original standards in the 15 recommendatory national standards to be implemented.

There are 42 recommendatory import & export industrial standards (including 35 related industrial standards about exporting to other countries from China, the list of which will not be displayed in the summarization) and 22 recommendatory light-industrial standards in the 64 industrial standards to be implemented.

Foodmate hereby reminds related domestic and overseas enterprises to carefully investigate the differences between old standards and new ones, optimize production process according to new standards in a timely manner, adjust quality controlling system of enterprise, and conduct related training for personnel at the same time to ensure that the quality of product is in compliance with Chinese national standards and promote the market competitiveness of products in China. The food enterprises exporting commodities to China shall get acknowledge of the new requirements of Chinese standards in time, strengthen quality safety controlling of product, comprehensively get acquaintance of changing on requirements of related standards and detailed deadline for implementation, update test requirements of products in a timely manner, and ensure that the products in in conformity with the mandatory requirements of Chinese national standards; at the same time, pay close attention to the food risk warning information in China, strengthen the communication and coordination with the local inspection & quarantine departments in China or cooperate with food consultation agency in China, to reduce the non-conformity risk of products exported to China.

Food standards and food-related standards to be implemented from July of 2017


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