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Consequences of the Recent Finopril-Crisis

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The recent food crisis which struck to Europe is felt all over the European Union as producers of egg containing products face uncertainty. The detected presence of fipronil in eggs in Belgium and the Netherlands due to the use of the chemical to counter lice has cross-border effects, reaching up to 18 member states already.

Since the scandal became public on August 1, egg farms were ordered to destroy all eggs from that date. However, before that date many of these tampered eggs had already found their way into the food chain. Food manufacturers complain about the incoherent and late response by authorities. They have long remained uninformed about the identification of affected products. In Belgium, the authorities took nearly a week to provide detailed information on the egg producing operators that had been affected. As a consequence, the prices for eggs have taken a steep rise in various European countries, mainly in Belgium and the Netherlands being the countries at the heart of crisis. The increased price severely increases the production costs of many egg-based products. It is expected that traces of finopril may still be found up to eight weeks after cleaning of the affected farms, meaning that the shortages will still continue for another month.


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