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UK Greengrocer Fined £2,630 for Selling Rotten Fruit

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One Nottingham green grocer has been fined £2,630 for continuing to sell rotten fruit even after being warned. Apples, pears, tomatoes and peaches failed inspections at Mac's Mini Market on Radford Road, Hyson Green.

Nottingham magistrates heard that Ainsley MacLaren, 59, had the rotten food on sale last June, 10 months after visits from civil servants working for DEFRA, the government department dealing with food.

The court heard that one batch of gala apples was 37 percent rotten, while round tomatoes were 42 percent off. The rotten rating of pears was 21 percent, cherry tomatoes were 33 percent, peaches seven percent and another batch of gala apples eight percent.

MacLaren told the court: "If I had food that was not suitable for customers I would not let them take them from the store. If they took them, I would gladly repay the money.

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