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How Cultured Meat is Already Regulated?

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 The  European Commission clarified that artificially grown meat would be subject to novel food authorization before it can be marketed in Europe. Although the in-vitro growing of meat is still in a primitive stage of development, the Commission was asked on how the practice of controlled meat cultivation is being explored and regulated.

The Commission indicated that the European Union legislative framework on foods would be applicable to meat produced by new techniques. In general, the General Food Law Regulation and the Food Information to Consumers Regulation are applicable to any type of food. For cultured meat in particular, the Novel Food Regulation would apply. Under the latter Regulation, it is required that an assessment is conducted on the safety and nutritional suitability of foods that are consisting of, isolated from or produced from cell culture or tissue culture derived from animals.

EU Parliament - Question E-001992-19 on Cultured meat
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