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Consumer Organizations Back Nutriscore

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 European Consumer organizations have joined forces to support the European wide introduction of the front of pack indication developed by the French authorities. They officialised their demand by initiating a European Citizens Initiative with the European Commission.

The Nutri-score is a labelling scheme which allows consumers to compare foods on the basis of a ranking related to the nutritional composition of a particular food. Different to front of pack indications showing individual nutrients and energy content, the scheme also takes account of the positive aspects such the presence of fibre and fruit and vegetables in the nutrient profiles.

The scheme has been introduced in France, Belgium and Spain where producers and retailers can decide voluntarily introduce the scheme on their food packaging. In the opinion of the pan-European consumer organization BEUC, the Nutri-Score scheme facilitates the interpretation of nutritional information for consumers. BEUC believes that Nutri Score is the most effective front of pack indication currently available, although also believes there should be flexibility to allow additional indications (i.e. the UK traffic light labelling scheme) where there is evidence they provide additional benefit.

BEUC Position Paper: Front-of-Pack Nutritional Labelling (1778*-6 May 2019)  
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EU citizens' initiative: Pro-Nutriscore
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