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Commission Sees No Need to Address Consumer Concerns on the Use of E-Numbers

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 The European Commission was questioned over the labelling of food additives. In particular the use of E numbers or names which are not commonly recognized by consumers. There is a general misconception in the general public that an E-number or the use of scientific names imply the substances may have adverse health effects; even though some are derived from very basic food materials and have a long standing history of safe use.

Therefore, the question was raised if the Commission was considering to revisit the additives Regulation (EU Regulation 1333/2008) in the near future. And, whether the Commission would consider a different labelling practice to distinguish ‘harmless‘ additives from those with potential adverse health effects.

The Commission replied that additives are a specifically regulated category of substances, which are not consumed on their own or to be used as ingredients but serve a particular technological purpose. They have a specific designation and need to indicate the functional class depending on their purpose in a particular food. In addition, all food additives are subjected to safety assessment by EFSA in order to establish their appropriate use in foods.

, food additives are considered to be safe when used in line with their conditions of use. If there would be any safety concern, their use would be restricted accordingly.

EU Parliamentary Question:
 E-001740-19- link

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