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Committee of Regions Insists on The Promotion of Healthy and Sustainable Diets

放大字体  缩小字体 Date:06 Nov 2018  Source:FOOD COMPLIANCE INTERNATIONAL  Writer:Global Foodmate  Views:119
 A recent report by the European Committee of the Regions considers how the European Union institutions can support the development of measures aiming at healthier diets and lifestyles.

Although competences of the European Union in the field of Public Health are rather limited, the report specifically addresses matters where European action is desired. The Commission is called upon to take action against food waste and promote research programmes on healthy dietary habits. Also in the field food information, food labelling practice as well as the use of nutrition and health claims are subject to harmonized European rules. The European institutions are urged to strengthen the rules on the marketing and advertising of foods high in fat, salt or sugar and to adopt a single, mandatory front of pack color coded labelling scheme. Think of the UK traffic light labelling or French nutriscore labelling systems aiming to inform consumers about nutritional composition of foods. The report also prompts the Commission to proceed with nutritional profiles which foods would have to comply with in order to bear nutrition and health claims. Furthermore, the EU institutions are spurred to lift the exemption for alcoholic beverages on the provision of a nutrition declaration and include health warnings on alcoholic beverages and energy drinks. More in general, the European Union should take account of healthy food production and sustainability in all relevant policies.

Opinion of the European Committee of the Regions — Local and regional incentives to promote healthy and sustainable diets
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