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Belgium Restrains Cannabidiol Supplements

放大字体  缩小字体 Date:06 Nov 2018  Source:FOOD COMPLIANCE INTERNATIONAL  Writer:Global Foodmate  Views:126
The use of cannabis sativa L. is explicitly restricted in Belgium. Recently however the Belgian Food Safety Authority noted an increase in the availability of food supplements containing substances originating from cannabis, such as CBD oil. There is a possibility to obtain a derogation for like products with the Belgian authorities if proven that the concerned batch of products does not contain any toxic compounds. only those products belonging to the given batch can be marketed legally. The exemption cannot be obtained for cannabis flowers and leaves. Moreover, the Food Safety Authority argues that extracts enriched with cannabidiol or CBD are considered novel foods within the European Union and therefore need European approval.

FASFC/FAVV (Belgian Federal Agency for the safety of the food chain) - Voedingsmiddelen of voedingssupplementen op basis van cannabis: is dit wel toegestaan in belgië?
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