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France – ANSES Advises Against the Use of Food Supplements Containing Melatonin for Certain Population Groups

放大字体  缩小字体 Date:02 May 2018  Source:FOOD COMPLIANCE INTERNATIONAL  Writer:Foodmate  Views:29
 In a recent opinion ANSES has evaluated the risks related to the presence of melatonin in food supplements. The French Instance on food safety, environment and work evaluated scientific evidence that relates melatonin to certain population groups or particular circumstances for which health risks exist. ANSES has identified pregnant and lactating women, children and adolescents, people suffering from inflammatory or auto-immune diseases, epilepsy, asthma, mood distress, persons with behaviour or personality disorders or people taking medication as the main risk groups. Also people that perform activities which require vigilance due to safety risks are advised not to consume melatonin containing food supplements. Due to many possible adverse interactions of the concomitant intake of melatonin and other medicines, ANSES advises to consult a doctor before taking food supplements with melatonin.

At present, France allows food supplements to contain up to 2 mg per daily dose. However, the Instance argues that there is insufficient evidence available to assess whether doses inferior to 2 mg are actually adequate in terms of safety. It indicates that a European approach establishing a safe intake level is desired.

ANSES – Advis on the risks related the consumption of food supplements containg melatoning (Avis relatif aux risques liés à la consommation de compléments alimentaires contenant de la mélatonine)

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