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Galicia Regulates Artisan Food Production

放大字体  缩小字体 Date:02 May 2018  Source:FOOD COMPLIANCE INTERNATIONAL  Writer:Foodmate  Views:23
 In the hope of preserving the regional traditions in food production, the autonomous community of Galicia (Spain) has notified an Act to the European Union by which it will regulate the use of the term ´artisan´ and other related terms (“artesana/o”, “artesanal”, “artesano de la casa” o “artesano casero” and “artesano de montaña”) in the labelling, presentation and publicity of foods. The anticipated act introduces a definition as well as technical criteria on the production of artisan producers and artisan products.

For an activity to be classified as ‘artisan’ they need to relate to the activities included under Annex I of the given act. Moreover, the production method should comply with good manufacturing practices applicable to the concerned activity. The production has to be manual. Mechanical methods may be introduced in certain aspects of the production process for reasons of food safety, quality improvement or the improvement of labour conditions. The use of flavouring, colours or flavour enhancers, hydrogenated fats or fats derived from palm or coconut is not allowed. The use of artificial additives and processing aids is not permitted except when it would be indispensable and only in the quantities indicated in the technical norms. The use of semi-finished products or interventions by commercial actors different from the artisan producer itself are neither allowed. Artisan producers need to prove they have at least three years of experience in the production of the concerned foods.

Artisan producers should register with the Galicia Agency for Food Quality (Agencia Gallega de la Calidad Alimentaria (Agacal)) and may obtain certification when they comply with the established conditions.

TRIS Notification - Draft Decree regulating artisan foo
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