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Industry Presents Self-Regulation on Ingredients and Nutrition Labelling of Alcoholic Beverages

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 Under the Food Information to Consumers Regulation (Regulation 1169/2011), alcoholic beverages with a alcohol percentage exceeding1,2% are exempted from the obligation to include an ingredient list and nutrition labelling on the labelling. The task was given to the EU Commission to prepare a report on the necessity of providing the nutrition information and in particular indication of the energy value, or otherwise formulate the reason justifying the exemption. Within the report presented in March 2017, the Commission provided the opportunity to the industry to come with self-regulatory proposal.
The industry proposal has now been presented and published on the Commission website. It concerns a joint proposal by the European alcoholic beverages sector representing the spirits, wine, beer and cider industry. The proposals demonstrate the engagement to provide nutrition information, however not necessarily in the labelling of the products. Other means would be references through web-links, QR-codes, bar codes or other modern technologies. The proposal leaves the choice of method with the food business operators. Anyhow, Regulation 226/2011 allows that the display of nutrition information for alcoholic beverages remains limited to the energy value only and it does not need to be presented in the standard tabular form. Further, the proposal allows for the indication either per 100 ml or per portion. The European Commission know needs to assess the proposal. If it believes the proposed measures are unsatisfactory it would then launch an impact assessment to review further available options.
Self-regulatory proposal from the european alcoholic beverages sectors on the provision of nutrition information and ingredients listing link.
The overview of initiatives regarding alcohol labelling and beverage-sector specific observations can be found on the followinglink.

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