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Netherlands Setting Use Limits for Vitamin A, Vitamin D and Vitamin B6 in Food Supplements

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The Dutch authorities have notified a draft of the Commodities Act Order on food supplement exemptions. As a general rule under Dutch legislation vitamins shall not be present in food or beverages unless the type and quantity of vitamin is naturally present in the concerned food or beverage. However, for certain vitamins an exemption is provided by law. The latter legislation is is now under revision which is the subject of the notification by the Netherlands under the European TRIS system.

The new Decree would limit the maximum daily recommended dose for food supplements of vitamin A and vitamin D. The limit for vitamin A would amount  to 1 200 µg RE in the form of retinoids, and vitamin D will be limited 75 µg. The new order will also provide for a maximum limit on the daily dose of vitamin B6 to 21 mg per day in accordance with the safe upper limit set by the European Food Safety Agency. Be advised that for children lower amounts will apply for all three vitamins. The standstill period, whereby member states can be provide additional comments, and the legislation may not yet take effect ends on 2 May 2018.

The notification as well as the draft text of the Order granting an exemption for the presence of certain vitamins in food supplements (Commodities Act Order on food supplement exemptions) can be consulted online - link.


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