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Traffic Light Labelling being Considered in Portugal

放大字体  缩小字体 Date:13 Mar 2018  Views:92
In order to combat the prevalence of non-communicable diseases due to inappropriate diets, the Green party proposes the introduction of a traffic light labelling scheme in Portugal. The scheme would be an addition to the mandatory nutrition indication currently required under EU law. The scheme should allow consumers to better interpret the nutritional composition of foods.

Traffic light labelling has already been applied on a voluntary basis in the UK for several years by most major retailers. The scheme has however been disputed - mainly by EU member state Italy - as it would have a negative impact on certain foods without taking account of the consumption pattern of such foods. France on the other hand is in the process of adopting an alternative scheme called the ´nutri-score´ which ranks the overall nutritional composition of a food on a scale from A (good) to E (bad). The scheme is being gradually introduced by major food retailers and producers in France.

More information on the Portugues initiative regarding the introduction of traffic light labelling (Projeto de Resolução nº 1310/XIII/3ª Sobre a rotulagem de alimentos) can be found via the following link.


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