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Netherlands Clarifies Inspection Approach on the Composition of Food Supplements and Herbal Preparations.

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The Authority responsible for food safety compliance (NVWA) has adopted a new policy on public interventions in relation to infringements of compositional requirements applicable to food products. Foods covered in particular are food supplements, herbal preparations, fortified foods, food for specific groups and novel foods.

The document provides a classification of infringements based on the potential implication on public health, misleadingness towards consumers and the targeted population group. Further, the respective responses to infringements are listed. In general, the policy adheres to administrative sanctions, although under certain conditions Dutch law prescribes the mandatory application of criminal sanctions.

Worth mentioning, the inspection on the composition of food supplements and herbal preparation is mainly focused on the authorized sources of vitamins and minerals, the Dutch maximum limits for vitamin D and A and the national restrictions on the use of plant substances.

Specifiek interventiebeleid samenstelling levensmiddelen (31 January 2018) - link



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