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Mandatory Indication of Tomato Products Made Official in Italy

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After the rice and durum wheat pasta, now prepacked tomato products (canned tomatoes and tomato concentrate) and tomato sauces are also required to provide the origin of the main ingredient in Italy. The preamble to the Act implementing the stated labelling obligation corresponds to the intention included under article 26(3) of the EU Food Information to Consumers Regulation, whereby the European Commission is supposed to adopt an implementing act on the country of origin indication of primary ingredients.

Italy has however anticipated action on EU level being in the pipeline still. The Commission is also in the process of adopting a implementing regulation (link) regarding the mandatory indication of origin or the primary ingredient where it is different from the primary ingredient.

Decreto 16 novembre 2017  Indicazione dell'origine in etichetta del Pomodoro (26 February 2016) - link


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