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Kazakhstan Prevented the Entry of 742 Tonnes of Produce from Kyrgyzstan

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742 tonnes of fruits and vegetables from Kyrgyzstan were not allowed to enter Kazakhstan due to lack of phytosanitary certificates, reports KazTAG quoting the press service of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
"In the period from 11 to 24 November 2017, when inspecting quarantine products of high phytosanitary risk imported into the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan, we detected 99 cases of infringements of the legislation of Kazakhstan and the Eurasian Economic Union in the field of plant quarantine," said the statement.
These infringements were made by suppliers from Russia, Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan.
In Russia's case, there were 10 cases of imports lacking the mandatory phytosanitary certificates. Also, a quarantine object was discovered in a 2 tonne shipment.
As for Uzbekistan, 0.08 tonnes of apples were imported without the mandatory phytosanitary certificates. Also, a quarantine object was identified in 4 cases.
Lastly, there were also 7 cases of lack of phytosanitary certificates in products imported from Kyrgyzstan. In 25 cases, the products were imported without labelling on the package, and in 51 cases, quarantine objects were identified.

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