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Glyphosate Acquires Renewal of Approval

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The world´s most applied herbicide glyphosate, or commercially better known as Round Up has been the focal point of heated discussion in the last year. When the product had been considered as probably carcinogenic to humans according to the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) in 2015, this sparked a large movement claiming the substance should be banned. A citizens initiative acquired over a million signatures asking for the prohibition of glyphosate in Europe. But EFSA and ECHA on the other hand did not share the safety concerns and were of the opinion that the available science does not point in the direction of any safety risks related to the use of glyphosate. Though the pressure groups had considerable influence on policy makers which has slowed down and complicated the re-approval of glyphosate. Although industry and some farmer groups also put their leverage on the table. Note that Round Up producer Monsanto is one of the largest companies in the agrochemical sector and has been subject to a major merge with Bayer. This makes that their potential influence cannot be overestimated. Moreover, considering the widespread use of the weed killer, a ban would have considerable consequences on present-day farming practices as few alternatives as effective as glyphosate are available.
As a consequence, the renewal of the authorization for the use of glyphosate has been a matter of much debate in the different institutions of the EU. Now finally this Monday, 27 of November 2017, an appeal Committee representing Member States and the Commission has decided to renew the authorization for the coming 5 years. The Commission will now have to formalize the renewal as the current authorization will soon expire on December 15.
As the renewed authorization is only awarded for the coming 5 years, it can be expected the debate will spark again in a few years. It remains to be seen who´s arguments will take prevalence then.
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