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European Parliament Paves the Way for A Reduction of Acrylamide

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The Committee on the Environment, Public Health and Food Safety has voted in favour of measures for the reduction of acrylamide in various foods. The measures put forward by the Commission introduce precautionary techniques which would reduce the level of acrylamide in foods as much as is reasonably achievable. Acrylamide is a compound which is formed in the processing of food high in starches, especially when cooked at high temperatures such as frying. Therefore fries are an often named culprit when discussions on acrylamide rise. The compound is likely carcinogenic according to various studies which has been scrutinized and affirmed by EFSA. Although with certain preparatory steps the formation of the compound can be significantly reduced. Therefore the Commission has ordered the conduction of studies and proposed various measures to be taken. The proposals did however received much criticism, mainly from European sceptics as it would be detrimental for various traditional foods.

(The vote outcome has not yet been published); minutes of the meeting will be published on


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