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Clarification on Plant Breeding Techniques Remains ´under Construction´

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A meeting had been set up 28 September to discuss the developments in the food and agriculture developments in biotechnology. No report has been published yet. Though it is an important step in the long anticipated clarification on the status of new breeding techniques under GMO legislation. The sensitive topic has since several years received much attention. Plant breeding techniques are in fact sophisticated changes in the DNA of plants in order to obtain certain desired traits, however other than with classis GMO´s no foreign DNA is inserted. Thus, the results could have been obtained through classic cross breeding. Although the latter is a very time consuming process of trail and error. New breeding techniques would allow to speed up that process. Though in the eyes of many plan breeding techniques are another way for the GM lobbyists to get their produce on the European market. Therefore, opponents, such as nature conservatism and organic farming association require the plants obtained from new breeding techniques to be labelled just as GMO’s. Difficult is however that the changes cannot always be detected as is the case with tradition GMO’s because there is no foreign DNA.

Meaning that the Commission is under significant pressure to come up with a decision with takes account of the position of many different interest groups. Therefore it decided to hold this event. The Commission has postponed the date for its clarification various times already.

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