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Growing Need for More Flexible Cooling Units

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During Potato Europe, Tolsma-Grisnich presented the QCC 120 and 160 mechanical cooling units, among other items. The size of storage spaces has increased strongly in recent years. In the main export markets in particular. There is also increasing need to flexibly use the capacity of mobile cooling units. With the new Quadro Compact Coolers (QCC 120-160) Tolsma-Grisnich is playing into this trend.

The design of the new QCC 120-160 (capability 120 and 160 kW) is based on the existing and proven mobile cooling units of Tolsma-Grisnich )the QCC 40-Vario and QCC 60-Vario). The new cooling machines have higher cooling power and are built up in a modular fashion. The cooling units have a stepless capacity regulation on the compressor. The mobile cooling units are suitable for aggregate control as a standard. The QCC 120 and 160 are designed for storage places with potatoes from 1600 - 2100 tonnes.

The units are controlled by the Vision Control storage computer. It makes sure, along with the advanced internal controls, that the capacities of mechanical cooling and the ventilators are in tune with the required cooling power. Minimal weight loss and savings on energy use are the measurable results.

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