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The Information service center of Yantai Foodmate Information technology Co., Ltd. has professional teams including domestic and overseas food standards & regulations research, consultation of label compliance, industry public opinion monitoring analysis, database and system development, and consultation of product registration declaration with a total population of more than 140.

The teams deeply understand the meaning of “Customer-oriented”, implement the concept of “Service for customer wholeheartedly” throughout every details in the work, and customize professional, personalized one-stop problem solution for domestic and overseas food enterprises.



  • Dr. Tao Qinghui

    Expert consultant of food safety

    Brief introduction : With more than ten years of work experiences in administrative institutions in China, she acts as the expert consultant of special food (formula food for special medical purpose, infants and young children formula milk powder) registration and new variety (food additives, new food raw materials) declaration project, the science popularizationproject leader of Beijing Food and Drug Administration Bureau, the EU regulations project leader ofChina Food and Drug Administration, and principal of standards & regulations consultation and public opinion analysis for many imported food enterprises in China. She has been responsible for the completion ofmultiplecooperation projects of China Food and Drug Administration and China National Center for Food Safety Risk Assessment.

    Field of expertise : food safety standards & regulations, food safety risk assessment and forewarning, consultation of product registration declaration

  • Sun Guoliang

    Senior consultant

    Brief introduction : Majored in Food science and Computer, he is good at solving problems in food compliance management through computer program and Internet system.With10 years of consultant services and management experience on food standards & regulations, he is familiar with food standards & regulations and supervision system of China and other major trading countries. Possessed with rich industry experience, he has been responsible for the completion of the science and technology program - aquatic product quality and safety system, andthe construction of food safety information service cloud platform and food safety public opinion monitoring system, etc., and providedconsultant services for Nestle, Abbott, Pepsi, Danone, Master Kong and many other large food enterprises at home and abroad.

    Field of expertise : analysis, interpretation and applicationof food safety standards& regulations;design and construction of food compliance management system&application system

  • Zhang Jiabing

    Senior consultant

    Brief introduction : With seventeen years of experience in the food industry, he has made a profound study in the general food, special food products and label compliance, and solved nearly ten thousands of compliance problems accumulatively for enterprises. He was invited to conduct internal practical trainingsfor Mengniu, COFCO and other well-known domestic enterprises, which involved with up to 50000 people at home and abroad.

    Field of expertise : food compliance analysis, food labeling compliance investigation, construction and review on food standards & regulations system

  • Yuan Bo

    Senior consultant

    Brief introduction : With more than 10 years of working experience in the food industry, he is mainly engaged in the research of food standards & regulations in China and has profound insights. He led and participated in many projects such as the food standard clean-up database, comprehensive food information service platform, and intelligent method for detection of drug residue in food.

    Field of expertise : in-depth interpretation of standards & regulations in China, and research on the food administration system in China

  • He Guifen

    Senior consultant

    Brief introduction : With six years of experience in consultation service of food laws & regulations forVIP, she is familiar with the mainland, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan of China and international mainstream national and regional food regulatory framework system, especially in risk assessment and domestic & overseas regulations research on the hot material, risk factor and risk points, etc. in food and food contact materials. She has repeatedly invited by well-known enterprises to make internal practical trainings and interpretation on laws & regulations. Rich in project experience, she has provided customized regulatory compliance programs and project technical support for several large food companies.

    Field of expertise : food safety hot event tracking and in-depth interpretation, evaluation & research on food safety supervision system framework of various countries, as well as hot material, risk factor and risk points related to food safety

  • Dou Xiaofeng

    Senior consultant

    Brief introduction : With eight years of experience in special food industry, she is now focused on product registration and declaration service projects in China. Possessed with rich experience in product registration and declaration, she has successfully completed a number of special food (infants and young children formula milk powder, formula food for special medical purpose, health food) registration projects, new variety (new food raw materials, food additives) declaration projects and overseas production enterprise registration consulting projects. She has been responsible for the completion of many large projects such as regulatory report projects for special foods and new varieties, consumption tracking and evaluation program report project, health food formulas feasibility study project, cooperative copywriting of the book “Infants and young children milk powder quality safety development report” published by Tianjin University of Science and Technology.

    Field of expertise : laws and regulations and regulatory systems for special foods and new varieties in China, consultation of product registration and declaration, consultation of overseas production enterprise registration.



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