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         FOODMATE Information Service Centre

FOODMATE Information Service Centre is a technical service team under FOODMATE Network to provide food safety solutions for food enterprises and institutions. At present, there are more than 80 employees in the Information Service Centre, of which more than 70% have a master’s degree. According to the characteristics of the industry, the Information Service Centre has set up specialised service teams such as domestic standard & regulation research team, foreign standard & regulation research team, product compliance research team, special food registration &declaration team, training &conference team, etc. to provide food safety information monitoring and early warning, food standards and regulations management and consultation, food compliance management and consultation, registration &declaration consultation, and technical exchange activities, etc.for the food industry.

With abundant industry service experience, the project team has successively provided technical services for the national key R&D plan, Shandong Provincial technological innovation project, and the Yantai scientific & technological plan in the field of food safety and the relevant achievements have been widely recognised and applied.

         Expert panel


    Sun Guoliang  Master
    Sun Guoliang, Master, is the Food Technology Director of the Information Service Centre. Heis familiar with the food safety regulatory system and standards & regulations system of China and China’s major trading countries. With more than 10 years experiences in food safety information services, he has presided over or participated in the development and construction of Foodmate’s many large-scale information service projects.
    Zhang Jiabing  Master
    Zhang Jiabing, Master, is the Supervisor of the Product Compliance Department under the Information Service Centre and the General Consultant of Labelling Compliance. With 17 years experiences in different food safety areas, he provides product compliance analysis and labelling review advisory services for dozens of large and medium-sized food enterprises, has accumulatively completed review of more than 10,000 labels.Furthermore, he has been invited by a number of large-scale enterprises to provide internal training for labelling compliance, and has given speeches on labelling compliance in many large-scale exhibitions, seminars and conferences.
    Gong Jianjun  Bachelor
    Gong Jianjun, Bachelor, is a senior researcher of the Product Compliance Department under the Information Service Centre. He has worked in the food field of such as quick-frozen fruits and vegetables, aquatic products and condiments, experiencing in regulation and production. On behalf ofFoodmate, he has attended several food industry exhibitions, trainings and other activities, providing professional lectures on food compliance analysis and interpretation of production license policies, etc.
    Yuan Bo  Bachelor
    Yuan Bo, Bachelor, is the Supervisor of the Domestic Standards & Regulation Department under the Standards & Regulations Centre. Since joining Foodmate, he has been engaged in the research on food standards and regulations for more than ten years, and carried out in-depth research on the historical records and trend development of the existing regulatory policies and regulations, standard systems in China’s food industry. He has led the construction completion of many large-scale projects such as construction of the information service cloud platform and the standards & regulations database.
    Sun Lijie  Master
    Sun Lijie, Master, is the Supervisor of the International Standards & Regulations Department under the Standards & Regulations Centre. With many years of experience in first-line management in the food industry, she is responsible for tracking and studying international food standards and regulations, covering 17 regions/organisations/countries including China, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, Russia, the US, Canada, the EU, the UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, the Philippines and India. She has presided over the construction of large-scale projects and standard & regulation databases of various governments, industries and multinational corporations, and shared knowledge of international regulations in important industry forums.
    Wu Shuangshuang  Master
    Wu Shuangshuang, Master, is the Supervisor of the Research Department under the Standards & Regulations Centre. Since joining Foodmate, she has focused on the research on international and domestic regulations and standards, and carried out in-depth research in respect of the formulation and amendment of domestic regulations and standards and corresponding revision procedures, as well as food safety regulation systems and regulations & standards of mainstream countries (EU, US, ANZ, and Canada, etc.).
    Dou Xiaofeng  Master
    Dou Xiaofeng, Master, is the Supervisor of the Registration Department under the Information Service Centre. She has been engaged in the R&D and testing of infant formula for many years. With in-depth research on the laws, regulations and regulatory systems of special foods in China, she is now focused on the registration and declaration of special foods and novel foods. She has successfully led the registration and declaration projects of a number of special foods (such as infant formula milk powder and foods for special medical purposes), novel foods (novel food ingredients and additives, new varieties of food-related products) and registration advisory projects of imported food overseas manufacturers.
    Zhao Lei  Master
    Zhao Lei, Master, is a Senior Consultant of the Information Service Centre. She has participated in the completion of 2 national-level scientific researches, 3 provincial-level scientific researches, 5 published papers and obtained a national patent. She has published a number of original articles related to dairy regulations, and received media attention and recognition. She is mainly responsible for providing advisory services for international large-scale dairy enterprises and domestic well-known dairy enterprises and guiding many dairy enterprises to successfully complete the registration of infant formula milk powder. She has been invited by many enterprises to provide training for domestic and foreign standards and regulations and obtained customers’ recognition.
    He Guifen  Master
    He Guifen, Master, is a senior consultant of the Information Service Centre. She has been engaged in the research on food safety risks and standards ®ulations for many years. She is familiar with the standards & regulations and compliance review in respect of catering, ingredients, snack foods, and imported foods, etc., the ideas of food safety supervision in mainstream countries and regions, the food safety regulation system framework and important standards and regulations, and also has high industry sensitivity and rich experience in hot safety event tracking, research of food safety risk factors and potential risk identification, etc.
    Qi Xiaona  Bachelor
    Qi Xiaona, Bachelor, is the Supervisor of the Japan and South Korea regulations in the International Standards & Regulations Department. Since joining Foodmate, she has been mainly responsible for the research on food policies and regulations, regulatory systems, food standards and other related regulations in Japan and South Korea, and the monitoring and translation of Korean food-related information. She provides regulation compliance analysis services for import and export enterprises in respect of foods imported to Korea and Japan and import food possesses, with11 years of professional translation experience and 4 years of Korean food regulations experience.
    Fan Yinghua  Master
    Fan Yinghua, Master, is the Supervisor of group standards in the Domestic Standards & Regulation Department. She is responsible for preparing group standards. Since joining Foodmate, she has participated in the dismantling and comparing many domestic standards and preparing description for formulation and revision of national mandatory standards, etc.
    Wang Wenping  Bachelor
    Wang Wenping, Bachelor, is a customer service specialist for the Information Service Centre. She is responsible for providing food companies with technical advisory services in food standards and regulations as well as production systems. With many years of experience in food industry,she hasobtained an internal auditor certificate for HACCP, ISO9001, ISO22000, and ISO14001, and possesses practical experience in SC handling, export & domestic sales, government affairs, system certification, customer complaints and other aspects.
    Li Ye  Bachelor
    Li Ye, Bachelor, is a customer service specialist for the Information Service Centre. She is responsible for providing dairy companies with technical advisory services in food standards and regulations, quality management and other aspects. With many years of experience in dairy enterprises, she has been engaged in testing, production process, R&D areas and possesses experience in liquid dairy product R&D, quality testing and production as well as extensive experience in key control points, quality control systems and formulation of enterprise standards.


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