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Foodmate was founded in 2001 and the purpose of the website construction is “Concern about food safety, explore food technology, gather industry elites, promote industry development”. Foodmate has provided various services to food technical personnel and food industry in China for over ten years and has won strong support from broad masses of people in the industry.

Foodmate has developed into the largest web portal among domestic food industry with more than1200000 register members and 500000 website visitors per day and over 1000000 website page views.

Depending on the resources and technical advantages of Foodmate, we can provide professional services including standards and regulations management, information monitoring of food safety, risk warning, product compliance consultation, professional database construction and professional translation, etc.

At the same time, in view of China's continuous development and changes in the supervision environment, Foodmate launches some core services for overseas customers to help overseas food enterprises to have a deep understanding of China's food supervision environment, food standards and regulations, policy information and ensure the compliance assistance of products in China.