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Weekly Review of Food Standards and Regulations(01.14-01.18)

[18 Jan 2019]

National Food Safety Risk Assessment Center released novel food ingredientsPenthorum chinense Purshfor public commentOn January 14, 2019, the National Food Safety Risk Assessment Center released a novel food ingredient Penthorum chinense Pursh for public ...

List of Permitted Strains in Health Food and Infant Food

[17 Jan 2019]

List of strains Allowed for Infant and Young ChildrenCECT5716(Lactobacillus fermentum)M-16V(Bifidobacterium breve)NCFM Lactobacillus acidophilus (for foods for children over 1 year old)HN019/Bi-07 BifidobacteriumBB-12BifidobacteriumLGG/HN001 Lactobacillus...

SAMR| 12 Filed Imported Health Food List

[16 Jan 2019]

On January 11, 2019, the Food Inspection Center of the State Administration of Markets Regulation (SAMR) announced the list of imported health foods, covering 12 varieties, oneproductfrom New Zealand, two productsfrom Canada, and nineproductsfrom the Unit...

Summary | Approved Novel Food Additives and NFI in 2018

[15 Jan 2019]

Please note:The original article of Global Foodmate Information Service and Business Department, please indicate the source from the Global Foodmate if reprint.Global Foodmate summarized the Novel Food Additives, Novel Food Ingredients and New Varieties o...

CFSA|Public Opinion for Food Additive Expand Scope of Usage

[14 Jan 2019]

The National Food Safety Risk Assessment Center publicly solicited opinions on the food additive Vegetable Carbonand the food additiveGlycerin monostearate(GMS)on January 10, 2019, respectively.Details are as follows:1.Vegetable Carbon (CNS No.:08.138)(IN...



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